I am sharing a free crochet pattern for a supersoft and squishy hat made with Lang Yarns Viola. This fluffy ball of yarn has 250 m on it, which makes it possible to create an entire hat with only 1 ball of yarn.

Your hat will be light as a feather (and will not mess up your hair, which is such an advantage).

The pattern is written for a normal adult sized head. (but the pattern is very easily adjustable).

Yarn : Lang Yarns Viola, 36 % cotton & 34 % polyamid & 17 % alpaca & 13 % merinowool, 50g/250m/273yd : 1 ball.

Crochet hook : 4,5 mm

Used stitches and abbreviations : US crochet terms

RS                  right side
ch                   chain
hdc                 half double crochet
sc                   single crochet
slst                 slipstitch

Gauge : 16hdc x 15 rows = 10 x 10 cm or 4 in.

Other materials : scissors, ruler, tapestry needle, optional : stitch marker or contrast thread, pins and mat for blocking.

Info :

– The hat is worked topdown. Work in spirals = do not close rounds. Always work on the RS.

– Use contrast thread to indicate the first stitch of every new round : simply work a thread in another colour along the back side of your work when crocheting the first stitch of each new round. This makes it very easy if you want to make adjustments or want to count the number of rounds worked, …

Pattern :

Round 1 : Make a magic ring and work in the ring : 1ch, 10hdc. (10hdc)

Round 2 : (1sc + 1hdc) in first hdc, [2hdc in next hdc] x 9. (20hdc)

Round 3 : [1hdc in each of next 2hdc, 2hdc in next hdc] x 10. (30hdc)

Round 4 : [1hdc in each of next 3hdc, 2hdc in next hdc] x 10. (40hdc)

Round 5 : [1hdc in each of next 4hdc, 2hdc in next hdc] x 10. (50hdc)

Round 6 :  [1hdc in each of next 5hdc, 2hdc in next hdc] x 10. (60hdc)

Round 7 : [1hdc in each of next 6hdc, 2hdc in next hdc] x 10. (70hdc)

Round 8 : 1hdc in each hdc across. (70hdc)

Round9 : [1hdc in each of next 7hdc, 2hdc in next hdc] x 10. (80hdc)

Rounds 10 – … : 1hdc in each hdc across. (80hdc)

I simply continued working rounds and finished the entire ball of this amazing Viola yarn, because I wanted to make a hat with a large brim.

My hat is +/- 37 cm / 14,50 in long.

You can even create a royal double folded brim (which I love…..) for a trendy look !

To create a nice finishing : when you run almost out of yarn, work a few sc sts instead of hdc sts, and finish with a slst.

Weave in the end and ready 🙂


I hope you will enjoy this free crochet pattern !