• Crochet pattern for a large asymmetrical shawl, worked sideways, from the lower small point upwards creating a large wide wingspan. This design is particularly written for gradient yarn cakes, but of course you can use any yarn you like. Fully written pattern (in US and in UK crochet terms), and charts are included as well. Measurements of the shawls : Blue Shawl : 220cm/87in wingspan Turquoise Shawl :  210cm/83in wingspan Yarn : I made my shawls with : Blue Shawl : Durable Colourful Glam, 1 cake : 200g/750m, 48 % cotton & 48 % acrylic & 4 % polyester. Turquoise Shawl : Bergere de France Unic, 1 cake : 200g/660m, 100 % merinowool Crochet hook : 4,5 mm Skill level : intermediate
  • Crochet pattern for a generous size wrap worked in ripple stitch pattern with a straight centre part. Finished with lovely fringe. The shawl measures : 205cm/80.75in long and 53cm/21in wide (without the fringe) Fully written pattern, both in US and UK crochet terms. Large charts included. Yarn : Stylecraft Batik, 80 % acryl & 20 % wol, 50g/138 m/151yds Shades : 5 balls : 1915 Graphite 2 balls of each of the following shades : 1906 Heather 1907 Plum 1909 Teal 1912 Violet 1 ball of each of the following shades : 1918 Mint 1911 Olive 1910 Pistachio 1916 Rose Crochet hook : 4,5 mm Skill level : all levels
  • A lace shawl designed for that unique and special skein of handdyed yarn in your yarn stash. Happy little planes, or flies, or wings forming a geometrically openworked design. Fully written instructions in English (both UK and US crochet terms), charts are included. The finished shawl measures : 180cm/71in wingspan and is 60cm/23.5in deep, after blocking. (the size is easily adjustable) Yarn : Sample made with Miss La Motte, 100 % merinowool single, 1 skein, 100g/360m/394yd, shade Happy Heart. Crochet hook : 3,75 mm Skill level : intermediate
  • I wanted to make a red shawl for such a long time already. Wearing red makes me feel great, strong and powerful. With a bit of diva-allures and sensuality ! I searched for ‘the right kind of red’ for quite some time. Finding that remarquable shade of ‘divine diva red’ was a goal for me, I just needed the perfect shade ! This handdyed Dutch Wool Diva Sock Twist in came along on my facebook timeline, and I did not hesitate for 1 second and ‘grabbed’ 3 skeins. The result is this Diamond Diva Shawl. Red geometric motifs, joined together, forming the perfect sized triangular shawl. During the joining and the finishing of the shawl, you will notice the delicate sensual movement appearing, giving the strong geometric forms a bit of ‘tender movement’, like they are dancing and finding the perfect rhythm. Fully written pattern, in English (US terms) and Dutch. Several charts added, and schematics as well. Tested as well. Enjoy ! Yarn : handdyed Dutch Wool Diva Sock Twist , 1 skein = 100g = 425m. I needed 3 FULL skeins, so please check your gauge ! (if you know you crochet rather loosely, keep in mind you might need a bit more yarn).
  • Crochet pattern for a Flower Mosaic Shawl. The shawl is made of little colourful flowers, that are joined as you go. (no sewing or seaming needed). The size is very easy adjustable. Fully written pattern (US crochet terms), and charts added as well. Yarn : Scheepjes Cotton 8, 1500-1600 meters of yarn needed. Crochet hook : 3 mm Skill level : also suitable for beginners
  • Crochet pattern for an asymmetrical triangular shawl, worked sideways. You start at the bottom, and you work upwards. In the beginning few increases are being made, to create a rather long and pointy tail. Afterwards more increases are worked to give the shawl a wide and comfortable shape. It is very easy to change the size of the shawl, and you can also use any yarn weight you like ! Fully written pattern, with charts, pictures and a schematic Yarn : - the grey shawl : Rowan Felted Tweed, 50 % merino wol & 25 % alpaca & 25 % viscose, 1 ball = 50gr=170m/191yds, shade grey  9 balls, the yarn is used double stranded - the teal shawl :  Wollmeise Twin yarn, sockweight / sportweight yarn, 80 % wool & 20 % polyamide, 1 skein = 150gr. Yardage : 311m per 100 gr. I used 2 skeins. Shade Aquarius. (900-1000 m in total). Crochet hook : 6 mm for the grey Rowan Shawl and 3,75 mm for the teal Wollmeise Shawl Skill level : intermediate Measurements of the shawls : Grey shawl : 240cm/95in wingspan and 98cm/38,75 in depth. Teal shawl : 220cm/87in wingspan and 88cm/34,75in depth.
  • Crochet pattern for a topdown triangular shawl with a geometric stitch pattern for the body and a lovely shell edging. Alles Sal Reg Kom is South-African for : 'everything will turn out ok, everything will be fine'. Fully written pattern, in English (US terms) and in Dutch. 2 Large charts are added. Yarn : Nurturing Fibres Supertwist Sock Yarn , 3 skeins. I used shades Venice and Satchel. You need 900 m to make this shawl. (sockweight, fingering weight yarn). Crochet hook : 4 mm (or 3,5 mm if you crochet loosely) Skill level : intermediate Ans tested this pattern for me :) More info about Nurturing Fibres can be found here : Nurturing Fibres I shop Nurturing Fibres yarn here : Wol Zo Eerlijk  *** these are not affiliate links.  
  • Crochet pattern for spring and summer shawls. Do you prefer a large colourful shawl with a delicate openworked border ? Of do you want to make a smaller scarf, in 1 single colour, to match your spring and summer wardrobe ? Play with colours and sizes, and create your own perfect spring and summer accessory ! Fully written pattern, in US crochet terms, with a detailed chart for the openworked border. Pattern : both versions are fully written Yarn : Fonty Bambou, depending on the size you will need  350 - 800 m yarn Crochet hook : 4 mm Skill level : intermediate
  • Crochet pattern for a large and warm shawl worked sideways, starting from the bottom point upwards. By alternating openworked rows and shell rows you achieve a lovely textured look. The pattern is divided into 2 sections : the first section forms the small rather pointy edge of the shawl and the 2nd section gives the shawl its wide and comfortable shape. You can easily change the size of the shawl by working more or less pattern row repeats. (of one of the sections or both) Finish your shawl with a lovely pompom. Fully written pattern, in US and UK crochet terms (2 versions available), a large crochet chart is included as well.  Yarn : Lang Yarns Viva, 100 % merino fine, 50g/110m/120yd, shade 941.0079. Shawl measurements with x balls used : - 10 balls : wingspan 212cm/84in, short side 103cm/41in, long side 168cm/66,5in - 9 balls : wingspan 206cm/81,75in, short side 97cm/38,5in, long side 164cm/65in - 8 balls : wingspan 197cm/78in, short side 89cm/35,25in, long side 159cm/63in - 7 balls : wingspan 185cm/73,5in, short side 80cm/31,75in, long side 151cm/60in Crochet hook : 5 mm Skill level : intermediate
  • Pattern for a chunky warm xlarge shawl worked sideways, starting with 1 single stitch in the bottom ‘point’. The pattern is divided in 3 knitting parts : the first part is the increasing section, followed by the straight second part. In the third part stitches are decreased, ending with 1 stitch again. The shawl is finished with a lovely (optional) crochet border around the entire shawl. Fully written pattern, with small chart for the optional crochet border. This design is part of ‘Reasons to knit : part 1 : 1 stitch’. Great patterns for beginners and more advanced knitters who want to make a relaxing shawl design without stress. You start with 1 single stitch (so no casting on fuss) My shawl measures : 190cm/75in wide and 53cm/21in wide. Yarn : Durable Chunky, 100 % wol, 1 ball = 100g = 70m. Shade : Pebble. (5,5 balls needed) Knitting Needles : 12 mm (straight needles or circulars) Crochet hook: 10 mm Skill level : suitable for all skill levels
  • Maya Shawl

    Maya Shawl : a knitting pattern designed for everybody who wants to knit (or learn how to knit) in a fun and easy way. Maya Shawl is the first design in the collection : Reasons to knit : 1 (stitch) I love knitting, I really do. But I am not (yet) a very advanced knitter. My life is fun and very busy, and I just want knitting to be relaxing and enjoyable, but I expect great results ? I am keen on learning new knitting skills, but not all at the same time, to keep the fun going. I kept hearing the same things from a lot of people, they convinced me to to develop my new knitting patterns. Reasons to knit : 1 is a small collection of 3 knitting designs, with 1 thing in common : the design starts with just 1 stitch. (so no casting on fuss, we will tackle this skill later). Maya is the first design in this collection. Starting with just 1 stitch, you knit and knit and knit (no purling !!!) and while you are having a wonderful time (or watch your favourite series on Netflix) your shawl gets shape and becomes larger. When it is big enough, you simply bind off. Want to make your shawl totally rock ? Add the optional crochet edging. Fully written pattern, in English and Dutch, with a chart for the crochet border. This design can be knitted on circular needles and on straight needles. Yarn : you can use any yarn ! Ik made my sample shawls with :
    • Maya Farbverlaufsgarn, 1 ball = 400g = 750 m  (measurements of the shawl : 210cm/83,5in wingspan)
    • Borgo de Pazzi Stout, 1 skein = 200g = 300m, I used 2,5 skeins – 750 m (measurements of the shawl : 230cm/91in wingspan)
    Needles and hook sizes : 6mm for the shawl with Maya Yarn, and 7 mm for the shawl with Stout Yarn Skill level : suitable for all levels
  • Crochet pattern for a long rectangular shawl / scarf with a ripple stitch pattern. By combining lovely colours you achieve a very nice and harmonious project. You can easily adjust the size of the shawl, this is explained in the pattern. Fully written pattern, in UK and in US crochet terms. Schematic and chart included as well. Yarn : Sample shawls made with : Nurturing Fibres Supertwist DK : (100 % merino, 50g=105m) 2 skeins of each of the following shades : Driftwood, Imperial, Maple, Sangria and Shell. 1 skein : shade Vanilla Measurements of this shawl : 170cm/68in long and  33cm/13in wide (without the pompoms) Nurturing Fibres Eco-Fusion : (50 % Bamboo Viscose & 50 % Cotton, 50g=125m), 2 balls of each of the following shades : Anvil, Blush, Charcoal, Seashell, Vanilla and 1 ball shade :  Sweet Pea Measurements of this shawl : 220cm/87in long and 27cm/10.75in long (without the tassels) Crochet hook : 4,5 mm and 4 mm for the Supertwist dk shawl / 3,5 mm and 3 mm for the Eco-Fusion shawl Skill level : intermediate
  • Waking up and seeing the sunbeams through the curtains. Let’s celebrate the sun with this shawl pattern ! A topdown, oval-shaped shawl, with lots of sunbeams. The comfortable shape prevents the shawl from dropping of your shoulders, you will love wearing it. The last row has delicate sparkled seed beads who reflect beautifully in the daylight. (the beading is optional). Fully written pattern in English and Dutch. Several large charts are added. The shawl measures 140cm/56in wingspan. The pattern is not easily adjustable. If you like a larger shawl, I recommend using thicker yarn and a larger crochet hook. Yarn : DK weight yarn. I used : Scheepjes Softfun Denim : 5 balls - you will need between 600 - 750 m of yarn Crochet hook :  4,5 mm. Skill level : intermediate This design was previously published in Inside Crochet Magazine. Tested by my testing panel.
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