• Crochet pattern for a blanket made of colourful motifs. Construction : all motifs are worked separately, and sewn together afterwards. Finish with a simple, yet refined edging. Measurements : 150 cm/60 in wide and 110 cm / 43,75 in wide. You can easily adjust the size of the blanket. This will affect the yardage needed. The pattern is available in English (both US and UK crochet terms) and in Dutch. - written instructions. - chart for the motifs Yarn : sportweight yarn, +/- 3600 m (3900 yds). (this blanket can be made with any yarn (weight), this will affect the size of the blanket and the yardage). Sample blanket made using : Hobbii Friends Extra fine merino, 100 % superwash merino, 50g/165m/180yds. Colour 122 Anthracite : 3 balls (1 ball for the motifs and 2 balls for the edging). 1 ball in each of the following colours : Colour 09 Nougat Colour 10 Cappuccino Colour 17 Cognac Colour 28 Mustard Colour 44 Rose Colour 48 Dark Magenta Colour 52 Dusty Rose Colour 55 Mulberry Colour 57 Boysenberry Colour 63 Lilac Colour 70 Purple Rain Colour 73 Lavender Colour 83 Cornflower Colour 84 French Blue Colour 89 Deep Ocean Colour 95 Dark Turquoise Colour 109 Olive Colour 113 Misty Green Colour 114 Sage Crochet hook : 3,5 mm Skill level : intermediate
  • Crochet pattern for a great and trendy ripple blanket. With this pattern you make your own favourite ripple blanket : – by choosing your own preferred measurements – by choosing any yarn weight you like – by choosing any crochet hook size. The blankets you see on the pictures are single-bed-size blankets. The pattern is fully written, and there is a chart added, with the stitch pattern.   Yarn : choose your own favourite yarn My blankets are made with : – Rico Creative Cotton – Cascade 220 (I used 14 shades, and used less than 200 m from each colour). I needed about 2000 m of yarn, for the entire blanket. Crochet hook : choose your own preferred hook size. (I used a 5mm hook) Skill level : all levels, also suitable for beginners.
  • Crochet pattern for a vintage inspired blanket. The coloured motifs are worked separately, next joined together. You finish the blanket with a simple, beautiful border. The pattern is fully written (in US and UK crochet terms). A chart is included as well. My blanket measures : 120cm/47.25in long and 76cm/30in wide. (the size of the blanket is very easily adjustable). Yarn : Katia Basic Merino, 52 % merino & 48 % acrylic, 50g/120m Colours : 38 Grey : 3 balls 66 Coral : 2 balls 41 Mustard : 3 balls 30 Turquoise : 7 balls Crochet hook : 4 mm Skill level : intermediate Caro's Atelier is offering complete kits to make this blanket. All the yarn and the pattern are included, you can order a kit here : Kit Harmony Blanket (they provide worldwide shipping and fasts service)
  • Crochet pattern for a refined blanket worked in a single colour. This blanket features a combination of dense and openworked stich patterns, with a beautiful large tulip stitch in the centre of each openworked section. Measurements of the sample blanket : 118 cm / 46,75 in wide and 140 cm / 55,50 in long. The size can be adjusted very easily. The pattern has fully written instructions in both US and UK crochet terms. A large crochet chart, tutorial and extra video tutorial are included. Yarn : aran / worsted weight yarn, 1600 m yarn needed. Sample made using : Hobbii Everyday Mega XL, 100 % acrylic, 400 g/800m/874yds, colour 02 ecru : 2 balls. (optional : Hobbii Everyday Acrylic XL, 100 % acrylic, 100 g/200m/218yds : 8 balls). Crochet hook : 5 mm - 6 mm Skill level : intermediate
  • Crochet pattern for a comfy and warm ribble blanket. Making this super chunky blanket is a joyful and rewarding project and you will have it finished in no time ! The pattern has fully written instructions in English (both US and UK crochet terms). A crochet chart is included, as well as a photo tutorial for the stitches used. Measurements of the sample blanket : 125 cm / 49,50 in long and 100 cm / 40 in wide. (the size of the blanket can very easily be adjusted). Yarn : super chunky yarn, suitable for crochet hook 12-15 mm : 800 m / 875yds. (this blanket can be made using any yarn / yarn weight). Sample made using : Hobbii Udon, 80 % acrylic & 20 % wool, 200g/100m/104yds, Shade 02 : Off White : 8 balls. Crochet hook : 15 mm (or any other hook size suitable for your yarn). Skill level : intermediate This pattern has been tested and tech edited.
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    Colour Me Blanket : a crochet pattern for a blanket with lots of tesxture and all the colours you like ! Written instructions in English (both UK and US crochet terms) and in Dutch. Crochet chart is included. Measurements of sample blanket : 162 cm/64,25 in long, 95 cm/37,75 in width. The size of tis blanket can very easily be adjusted to your own preferences. Yarn : this blanket can be made with any yarn (weight). Sample blanket made with : Yarn : Hobbii Friends Wool, 100 % wool, 50g, 100m/109yds, 2300 m/2515 yds needed. For blanket : 2100 m/2187 yds (1043 g) For border : 200 m/218,7 yds (100g) (You can work 6 pattern rows with 1 ball of yarn). Yarn A : 48 Dark Magenta : 3 balls (2 for the border) 1 ball of each of following colours : 02 Off White, 04 Cream, 07 Dune, 10 Cappuccino, 17 Cognac, 28 Mustard, 29 Buckthorn, 40 Tomato, 44 Rose, 47 Pink, 48 Dark Magenta, 49 Maroon, 52 Dusty Rose, 55 Mulberry, 59 Mauve, 62 Plum, 70 Purple Rain, 73 Lavender, 77 Arctic Blue, 81 Dark Denim, 83 Cornflower, 84 French Blue, 88 Turkish Blue, 89 Deep Ocean, 91 Aqua, 94 Turquoise, 96 Teal, 104 Shamrock, 109 Olive, 113 Misty Green, 114 Sage, 127 Orange Red. Crochet hook : matching your yarn weight. Sample blanket made with 5 mm hook. Skill level : intermediate.
  • A minimalistic blanket made of hexagon motifs in a high-quality super-soft Merino wool. Crochet pattern for a minimalistic blanket made of hexagon motifs (and half motifs) that are joined together with join-as-you-go method. 58 full motifs and 8 half motifs together. MEASUREMENTS Width: 120cm/47¼in. Length: 180cm / 71in Using a high quality merino yarn this blanket is a true eyecatcher. Fully written instructions in English (UK crochet terms). Multiple charts and a schematic are included. Yarn : Rico Essentials Merino dk, 100 % merino wool, 50g/125m/137yds. Yarn A : 82 Blue Green : 11 balls Yarn B : 35 Patina : 17 balls Crochet hook : 4 mm. Skill level : intermediate. This pattern has been tested and tech edited. Many thanks to Inside Crochet for the beautiful pictures.
  • Crochet pattern for a blanket made in pastel motifs joined together as you go. Finished with a refined edging and fringe. The pattern comes with fully written instructions in English (both UK and US crochet terms) and in Dutch. Multiple charts are included. Measurements : 140 cm/55,50 in long x 95 cm / 37,75 in long, measured without the fringe. Yarn : +/- 2000-2300 m of dk weight yarn. Sample made with : Durable Cosy fine faded, 58 % cotton & 42 % acrylic, 50g/105m/115yds. Yarn A : 326 Ivory : 12 balls 1 ball in each of the following shades : 227 Antique Pink, 2195 Apricot, 289 Blue Grey, 2237 Charcoal, 2190 Coral, 2149 Dark Olive, 2135 Emerald, 229 Flamingo Pink, 237 Fuchsia, 2156 Grass Green, 2168 Khaki, 309 Light Yellow, 269 Light Purple, 261 Lilac, 352 Lime, 2197 Mandarin, 2137 Mint, 2205 Mustard, 321 Navy, 2228 Silver Grey, 342 Teddy, 371 Turquoise, 2134 Vintage Green Crochet hook : 4 mm. Skill level : intermediate to advanced. This pattern has been tested and tech edited.
  • Crochet pattern for a lovely blanket with a geometric textured stitch pattern ! Fully written pattern (in UK and US crochet terms), a large crochet chart is included as well. Measurements of my blanket : 90cm/35.5in wide and 170cm/67in long. (the size of the blanket can be adjusted very easily) Yarn : Stylecraft Bellissima dk, 100 % acryl, 100g/268m/293yd 2 balls of each of the following shades : 3923 Ash Rose 3930 Bashful Blue 3933 Crushed Plum 3925 Mellow Yellow 3927 Overly Olive 3926 Sugar Snap Crochet hook : 4 mm and 4,5 mm Skill level : intermediate
  • Geometric blocks forming a lovely crocheted quilt. 12 different motifs, 12 beautiful colours and a compatible grey base colour forming a blanket that will make you happy ! This quilt is made with 58 entire motifs, and 10 half motifs. When all the motifs are crocheted, they need to be blocked. Next all motifs are sewn, with invisible stitches, on the wrong side of your blanket. At the end, a lovely grey border is crocheted arount the entire blanket. Fully written pattern, with charts for every motif, coloured diagrams and lots of pictures.(17 pag) Pattern : Mystery Quilt Yarn : Sample blanket made with Scheepjes MerinoSoft, 9 balls of the main colour, 12 other colours : 1 ball of each colour. It is of course possible to make this blanket with other yarns al well. Crochet hook : 4,5 mm Skill level : intermediate This design has been published in Inside Crochet before, many thanks to their photographer for the amazing pictures. Are you a shop holder and do you want to sell kits with the pattern included ? Please contact me for further information. (it is NOT allowed to sell kits without my permission and agreement, due to copyright protection) Shops selling kits : Woolwarehouse, De Winkel van Sophie.
  • This stunning blanket uses 100 different shades for a striking and colourful centrepiece to any room. 198 octagon motifs are made using 100 balls of Mini Must-Haves and joined as-you-go. In between these octagons small cream-coloured motifs are worked to fill the openings. A small border finishes the design and fills out the remaining openings at the sides as well. This is such a fun and relaxing project with a stunning result ! Measurements of the blanket : 145 cm x 85 cm / 57,25 x 33,5 in (you can easily adjust the size of the blanket) Fully written crochet pattern, in both UK and US terms, lots of charts and pictures included. Yarn : Yarn and Colors Must-Have and Mini Must-Have Mini Must-Have : 1 balll = 10g = 25m/27yds, 100 % cotton : 1 ball in each of the 100 available shades Must-Have : 1 ball = 50g = 125m/137yds, 100 % cotton : shade Cream 002 : 4 balls Crochet hook : 3 mm Skill level : intermediate Many thanks to Inside Crochet for the beautiful pictures. (this design was previously published in Inside Crochet, Issue 95)
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