• This stunning blanket uses 100 different shades for a striking and colourful centrepiece to any room. 198 octagon motifs are made using 100 balls of Mini Must-Haves and joined as-you-go. In between these octagons small cream-coloured motifs are worked to fill the openings. A small border finishes the design and fills out the remaining openings at the sides as well. This is such a fun and relaxing project with a stunning result ! Measurements of the blanket : 145 cm x 85 cm / 57,25 x 33,5 in (you can easily adjust the size of the blanket) Fully written crochet pattern, in both UK and US terms, lots of charts and pictures included. Yarn : Yarn and Colors Must-Have and Mini Must-Have Mini Must-Have : 1 balll = 10g = 25m/27yds, 100 % cotton : 1 ball in each of the 100 available shades Must-Have : 1 ball = 50g = 125m/137yds, 100 % cotton : shade Cream 002 : 4 balls Crochet hook : 3 mm Skill level : intermediate Many thanks to Inside Crochet for the beautiful pictures. (this design was previously published in Inside Crochet, Issue 95)
  • Crochet pattern for a trendy and feminine cardigan : 7 leaps cardi. The pattern is fully written in 5 sizes :  XS - S - M - L and XL. You make this cardigan topdown, worked from the top to the bottom, completely seamless and in 1 piece. This assures a great and comfortable fit, and wonderfull shaping. Some refined details make this design an eyecatcher : 3/4 sleeves, and you can add a row of small buttons. There is a chart added with stitch pattern for the edgings. Yarn: sportweight yarn, or fingering/4ply/sockweight yarn. I made 2 cardigans : 1 with Scheepjes Sunkissed and 1 with Malabrigo Arroyo. Crochet hook: 3 - 3,5 mm (check your gauge) Skill level: average Take a look at my other crochet pattern :   Vicarno crochet patterns. If you want to make some other cardigans as well, check out the  Vermillion cardigan and the Lace cardigan.
  • Crochet pattern for a cardigan for boys and girls in 4 sizes - 1-2 years - 3-4 years - 5-6 years - 7-8 years Very comfortable and trendy cardigan. The pattern is fully written for all sizes. This pattern is also published in my crochet book 'Heerlijk Haken'. ONLY AVAILABLE IN DUTCH FOR THE MOMENT Yarn : depends on what size you want to make Crochet hook : also depends on what size you want to make Skill level : intermediate Models on the pictures : Charlotte, Frederika, Wannes and Vic
  • Agate Top

    Crochet pattern for a summer ladies top in 5 sizes : XS - S - M - L and XL. Subtle waist shaping , a bit of positive ease, delicate edgings around the neckline and the arm openings : a lovely feminine summer garment you just need to make ! Fully written pattern in US Crochet Terms. Chart added, as well as lovely detailed pictures. Yarn : Scheepjes Stonewashed, 5-7 balls, depending on the size.  This yarn can be purchased at Woolwarehouse, they ship worldwide and have excellent customer service : * Woolwarehouse Crochet hook : 3,5 mm and 3 mm Skill level : Intermediate This pattern has been tested by my testing panel. This design has been published in Inside Crochet before, they get the credit for the amazing pictures !
    * : affiliate link
  • Crochet pattern for a large half-moon shaped shawl, with a lovely textured border. The shawl is worked in 2 parts : Part 1 starts at the lower 'point' and is worked upwards forming the body of the shawl. Part 2 (= the border) is next worked crocheted on to the body of the shawl body. Fully written pattern in English (UK and US terms), multiple charts included. Measurements of the finished shawl : 235cm/92.5in wingspan and 46cm/18.25in deep. Yarn : Wool Addicts Air, 84 % merino & 16 % acrylic, 50g/125m, 7 balls Crochet hook : 6 mm Skill level : intermediate Caro's Atelier is offering yarn kits for this shawl design. (2 options are availabe : a kit with yarn + pattern, or a kits with just the yarn). You can find the yarn kits here : Caro's Atelier 
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    Alba Cardigan

    Alba Cardigan is a crochet pattern for a topdown seamless wrap cardigan with raglan shaping and overlapping fronts. Worked in 1 piece from the neckline downwards this cardigan design is a joy to make. Colourful stripes combined with a perfect comfortable fit. Fully written instructions in US and UK crochet terms in 7 sizes : XS - S - M - L - XL - 2XL and 3XL. Schematic included. Yarn : aran / worsted weight yarn. Yardage required : 1500 (1650, 1800, 2000, 2250, 2550, 2850)m of yarn. Sample made with : Rico Essentials Soft Merino Aran, 100 % superwash merino, 50g/100m/110yds. Colour 44 Khaki : 5 (5, 6, 6, 7, 7, 8) balls. 1 ball of each of the following colours : 07 Brick Red, 12 Bright Rose, 15 Fuchsia, 18 Berry, 26 Blueish Turquoise, 29 Ocean Blue, 41 Blueish Green, 42 Sage Green, 43 Olive Green, 47 Moss Green, 50 Light Apple Green, 53 Dark Berry, 54 Middle Brown, 59 Dark Brown, 61 Cream, 62 Dark Beige, 64 Mustard, 65 Rust, 77 Deep Orange, 81 Beige. Crochet hook : 4 mm and 4,5 mm. Skill level : intermediate This pattern has been tested and tech edited.
  • Crochet pattern for a topdown and seamless cardigan with V-neck shaping in 7 sizes : XS / S / M / L / XL / 2XL and 3XL. This cardi is worked from the top neckline downwards in one piece. Using light fingering weight / sockweight yarn, it is an all-season wardrobe staple. Featuring a beautiful rippled openworked section at the lower hem, comfortable sleeves and simple ribbed edgings. Fully written instructions in UK and US crochet terms, a schematic and crochet chart for the openworked section are included as well. Yarn : light fingering weight / sockweight yarn, 1260 (1420, 1590, 1770, 2000, 2450, 2860)m. Sample made with : Rosarios 4 Jardim, 55 % merino & 45 % cotton, 50g/230m/252yds, shade 49 : 6 (7, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13) balls Crochet hook : 3,5 mm Skill level : intermediate
  • Aletta’s Cardigan : This design is made in 1 piece, starting with the wide back section worked upwards. Stitches are then increased to create both sleeves. Once sleeves are finished stitches are decreased again, while both front parts are worked on the cardigan separately. Finish by folding the cardigan and closing the side seams and sleeve seams. The cardi has a fluent drape and an intriguiging construction. Fully written instructions are available in English (both UK and US terms) and in Dutch. Schematics are included. 4 sizes : XS-S, M-L, XL-2XL, 3XL-4XL. Yarn : suitable for crochet hook 4,5 - 5 mm. (between 1300-1950 m of yarn, depending on the size). Sample made with : Concept by Katia Cotton-Merino, 70 % cotton & 30 % merino, 50g/105m/115yds, 13 (15, 17, 19) balls. Crochet hook : 4,5 & 5 mm. Skill level : intermediate This pattern has been tested and tech edited.
  • Crochet pattern for a topdown triangular shawl with a geometric stitch pattern for the body and a lovely shell edging. Alles Sal Reg Kom is South-African for : 'everything will turn out ok, everything will be fine'. Fully written pattern, in English (US terms) and in Dutch. 2 Large charts are added. Yarn : Nurturing Fibres Supertwist Sock Yarn , 3 skeins. I used shades Venice and Satchel. You need 900 m to make this shawl. (sockweight, fingering weight yarn). Crochet hook : 4 mm (or 3,5 mm if you crochet loosely) Skill level : intermediate Ans tested this pattern for me :) More info about Nurturing Fibres can be found here : Nurturing Fibres I shop Nurturing Fibres yarn here : Wol Zo Eerlijk  *** these are not affiliate links.  
  • Crochet pattern for a textured striped tee in 7 sizes : XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL and 3XL. This top is the perfect spring and summer wardrobe staple, and even during the colder months you can wear it with a blouse or longsleeve underneath. Fully written instructions in UK and US crochet terms, schematic included as well. Pattern construction : work front and back parts together bottom up to armholes. Next continue front and back separately to neckline. Close shoulder seams and finish with the edgings. Yarn : You can use any dk weight yarn. Sample made with : Stylecraft Batik dk, 80 % premium acrylic & 20 % wool, 50g/138m/151yds. Yarn 1900 Cream : 2 (2, 3, 3, 4, 4, 5) balls Yarn 1925 Graphite  : 1 (1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 2) balls 1 ball of each of the following Yarns : 1904 Cherry, 1903 Coral, 1906 Heather, 1918 Mint, 1902 Old Gold, 1911 Olive, 1910 Pistachio, 1916 Rose, 1908 Sage, 1913 Storm. Crochet hook : 3,75 mm and 4 mm. Skill level : intermediate to experienced.
  • Ankle Socks / Sneaker Socks : Crochet pattern for trendy ankle socks, with a perfect fit and stretchy cuff. Fully written instructions in English (both UK and US terms) and in Dutch available in 4 sizes : 35-36 : 23,5 cm/9,25in total length 37-38 : 24,5 cm/9,75in total length 39-40 : 26 cm/10,25in total length 41-42 : 27,5 cm/11in total length Socks are worked toe up. Small chart for the toe included. Yarn : any sockweight / fingering yarn. Yarn needed for 1 pair socks : + / - 50/54/59/65 gr. (1 skein = 100g/420m). Samples made with : Lang Yarns Jawoll Dutch Wool Diva Bamboo Sock La Bien Aimee Super Sock. .... Crochet hook : 3 mm (and 2,75 mm) Skill level : intermediate. This pattern has been tested and tech edited.
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    Arbor Sweater

    Arbor Sweater : Crochet pattern for a topdown seamless sweater in 7 sizes : XS – S – M – L – XL – 2XL and 3XL. You can choose between a shorter or a longer sweater version. The Christmas Tree worked in the lower body section is optional. Written instructions in English (both UK and US crochet terms) and in Dutch. Schematic and pictures included. Sweater construction : The entire sweater has a topdown and seamless construction. You start with the large collar. Next the upper body is worked by shaping the raglan. Your sweater will be ‘divided’ in different sections : back, first sleeve, front and second sleeve. Between each section post stitches are worked, giving the raglan a textured look and strength. This way your sweater will stay in perfect shape. Each round your raglan will become deeper and your 4 sections will become bigger. Once the required back width and raglan depth is achieved, both sleeves will be separated and left aside, while you will continue working on the body section. The body section is finished with a ribbed edging. Next stitches for the sleeves will be picked up and you can work each sleeve separately in rounds. Finish the sleeves with ribbed cuffs. The sweater has a comfortable fit, with large collar and deep raglan shaping. Post stitches are worked on both sides of the body of the sweater, creating ‘faux seaming’. These post stitches also guarantee a beautiful feminine fit and invisible beginning and closing of new rounds. Yarn : aran / worsted weight yarn : Short sweater : 1050 (1150, 1250, 1350, 1525, 1725, 1950)m. Long sweater : Yarn A : 1160 (1250, 1375, 1500, 1675, 1875, 2100)m. Yarn B : 50 m. Sample made using : Hobbii Tweed Delight, 85 % wool & 10 % acrylic & 5 % viscose, 50g/100m/109yds. Yarn A : Colour 09 Green Silk : 12 (13, 14, 15, 17, 19, 21) balls. Yarn B : Colour 07 Misty Blue : 1 (1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1) ball. Crochet hook : 5 mm - 5,5 mm. Skill level : intermediate This pattern has been tested and tech edited.
  • Geometrical colourful arrow motifs, joined as you go, forming a cushion cover front. Using a rainbow of colours in handdyed sockweight yarn, this design becomes a bright yet harmonious accessory for your home. Fully written pattern, in US and UK terms, and several charts are included. Yarn : Nurturing Fibres Supertwist Sock, handdyed sockweight yarn, 2 mini skein sets. Each mini skein set contains 10 mini skeins in different colours, each set has 300m yarn. You will need 500m of yarn to make the cushion = 2 sets. It is possible to use any yarn (weight) you like ! (keep in mind your cushion will become bigger or smaller, depending on the yarn weight) Crochet hook : 3,5 mm and 3 mm Skill level : intermediate Many thanks to Inside Crochet for several of the beautiful pictures
  • Aurora Cardigan : With its simple, yet beautiful shape, and its slightly openworked stitch pattern this cardigan design creates a feminine look. The pattern comes in 7 sizes : XS - S - M - L - XL - 2XL and 3XL. Finished back width : XS : 37,50 cm / 15 in S : 44 cm / 17,50 in M : 50 cm / 20 in L : 56 cm / 22,25 in XL : 62,50 cm / 24,75 in 2XL : 69 cm / 27,50 in 3XL : 75 cm : 29,75 in Written instructions in English (both UK and US terms) and in Dutch. A crochet chart and schematic are included. Pattern construction : - the cardigan is worked bottom up in separate pieces. - side seams and shoulder seams are closed. - both sleeves are worked on to cardigan in rounds. - finish with ribbed edgings and cuffs. Yarn : sportweight yarn, 1100 (1210, 1350, 1520, 1700, 1950, 2230)m or 1203 (1323, 1476, 1662, 1859, 2133, 2439)yds. Sample made with : Durable Mohair, 55 % acrylic & 25 % mohair & 20 % wool, 50g/190m/208yds, colour 2142 Teal, 6 (7, 8, 8/9, 9/10, 11, 12) balls. (8 entire balls are needed to make size L, 9 entire balls are needed for size XL, therefor I recommend buying an extra ball of yarn to make your gauge swatch or just to be sure you will have enough yarn). Crochet hook : 4,5 mm (+ 4 mm optional for edgings) Skill level : intermediate.
  • Crochet pattern for a large asymmetrical triangular shawl worked from the bottom point upwards. You start with the shawl tail in textured stitchwork, followed by a centre section with the same textured stitches along the straight side and more delicate V-sts along the curved side. The shawl finishes with a large textured border. The geometrical aspect is achieved by alternating different methods of increasing. The finished shawl has a wingspan of 160 cm / 63 “. (but the size is easily adjustable). Fully written instructions in English (both UK and US crochet terms) and in Dutch, with multiple crochet charts and a schematic included. Yarn : Katia Silky Lace “merino extrafine-silk” superwash, 50g/260m/284yds, shade 167 : 6 balls. The entire shawl is worked double stranded. Crochet hook : 4 mm The pattern has been tested and tech edited.


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