• Crochet pattern for a large half-moon shaped shawl, with a lovely textured border. The shawl is worked in 2 parts : Part 1 starts at the lower 'point' and is worked upwards forming the body of the shawl. Part 2 (= the border) is next worked crocheted on to the body of the shawl body. Fully written pattern in English (UK and US terms), multiple charts included. Measurements of the finished shawl : 235cm/92.5in wingspan and 46cm/18.25in deep. Yarn : Wool Addicts Air, 84 % merino & 16 % acrylic, 50g/125m, 7 balls Crochet hook : 6 mm Skill level : intermediate Caro's Atelier is offering yarn kits for this shawl design. (2 options are availabe : a kit with yarn + pattern, or a kits with just the yarn). You can find the yarn kits here : Caro's Atelier 
  • Crochet pattern for a topdown triangular shawl with a geometric stitch pattern for the body and a lovely shell edging. Alles Sal Reg Kom is South-African for : 'everything will turn out ok, everything will be fine'. Fully written pattern, in English (US terms) and in Dutch. 2 Large charts are added. Yarn : Nurturing Fibres Supertwist Sock Yarn , 3 skeins. I used shades Venice and Satchel. You need 900 m to make this shawl. (sockweight, fingering weight yarn). Crochet hook : 4 mm (or 3,5 mm if you crochet loosely) Skill level : intermediate Ans tested this pattern for me :) More info about Nurturing Fibres can be found here : Nurturing Fibres I shop Nurturing Fibres yarn here : Wol Zo Eerlijk  *** these are not affiliate links.  
  • Crochet pattern for a large asymmetrical triangular shawl worked from the bottom point upwards. You start with the shawl tail in textured stitchwork, followed by a centre section with the same textured stitches along the straight side and more delicate V-sts along the curved side. The shawl finishes with a large textured border. The geometrical aspect is achieved by alternating different methods of increasing. The finished shawl has a wingspan of 160 cm / 63 “. (but the size is easily adjustable). Fully written instructions in English (both UK and US crochet terms) and in Dutch, with multiple crochet charts and a schematic included. Yarn : Katia Silky Lace “merino extrafine-silk” superwash, 50g/260m/284yds, shade 167 : 6 balls. The entire shawl is worked double stranded. Crochet hook : 4 mm The pattern has been tested and tech edited.
  • Crochet pattern for a large and wide shawl with geometrical stitch pattern, made with 2 cakes of slight gradient yarn. Fully written pattern, in US and UK crochet terms. Charts and pictures are included as well. Crocheting this shawl will be relaxing and lots of fun, yet offering enough variation to keep it exciting as well. Measurements of the shawl : 173cm/68in long and 54cm/21.25in wide. Yarn: Sample made with: Lang Yarns Ayumi, 77 % cotton and 23 % nylon, 100g/700m/765.50yd : 2 balls in total, 1400m/1531yd. If you want to make the shawl with other yarn, I recommend to make a gauge swatch to calculate the required yardage needed. (gauge is indicated in the pattern) Crochet hook : 4 mm Skill level : intermediate Complete kits :   Caro's Atelier is offering complete kits (yarn + pattern), they can be found here : Ayumi Shawl Kit (photo credit goes to Inside Crochet)
  • Bloomon is a topdown triangular shawl featuring a simple yet beautiful shawl body and an intriguing border made of crochet shells. Measurements of the sample shawl : 204 cm/81 in wingspan, 50 cm/20 in deep. Written instructions in English (both UK and US terms) and in Dutch. 2 crochet charts are included. Yarn : 800 m aran weight yarn. (although this shawl can be made with any yarn weight, as the size can very easily be adjusted). Sample made using Hobbii Frutta, 100 % Pima cotton, 100 g/210m/229yds, colour 03 Cornfield : 4 cakes. Crochet hook : 5 mm Skill level : intermediate.
  • Boho Wrap

    Crochet pattern for a trendy colourful wrap worked in filet stitch pattern. The finished shawl measures 160 cm / 63 in long and 35 cm/ 13,75 in wide, measured without tassels and fringe. The pattern has 3 large charts for the filet stitch sections. Written instructions are included to indicate colour changes, .... but this design does NOT come fully written, as for filet stitch patterns charts are so much easier to work with. Available in US and UK crochet terms. Yarn : dk weight yarn. Sample made with : Lamana Cosma, 60 % Pima cotton & 40 % Modal, 50g/100m/109yds. Yarn A : Carmine 33 : 6 balls Yarn B : Peach 44 : 3 balls Yarn C : Petrol 24 : 3 balls Yarn D : Light Blue 36 : 1 ball Crochet hook : 4 mm - 6 mm Skill level : intermediate
  • Crochet pattern for a cabled shawl design worked sideways. Measurements of the finished shawl : 175 cm / 69 in wingspand and 112 cm / 44,5 in deep. The pattern is fully written in both US and UK terms, and in Dutch. Large charts and a schematic are included. (the size of the shawl is adjustable, which means you can make it as big or as small as you want. You can use yarn to make it as well) Yarn : Wool Addicts Air, 83 % wool and 17 % acrylic, 50g/125m, 7 balls, shade : Ochre Crochet hook : 6 mm Skill level : intermediate  
  • Pattern for a chunky warm xlarge shawl worked sideways, starting with 1 single stitch in the bottom ‘point’. The pattern is divided in 3 knitting parts : the first part is the increasing section, followed by the straight second part. In the third part stitches are decreased, ending with 1 stitch again. The shawl is finished with a lovely (optional) crochet border around the entire shawl. Fully written pattern, with small chart for the optional crochet border. This design is part of ‘Reasons to knit : part 1 : 1 stitch’. Great patterns for beginners and more advanced knitters who want to make a relaxing shawl design without stress. You start with 1 single stitch (so no casting on fuss) My shawl measures : 190cm/75in wide and 53cm/21in wide. Yarn : Durable Chunky, 100 % wol, 1 ball = 100g = 70m. Shade : Pebble. (5,5 balls needed) Knitting Needles : 12 mm (straight needles or circulars) Crochet hook: 10 mm Skill level : suitable for all skill levels
  • FREE copy of my Splash Shawl included ! When you buy the Color Bliss Shawl pattern you automatically receive a free copy of my Splash Shawl as well. (see last pics). Both designs use the same stitch pattern, but the shape is different. Enjoy !!! **************************************************************************** Crochet pattern for a colourful triangular shawl with a wide wingspan worked topdown. Fully written instructions in English (both UK and US crochet terms) and in Dutch. 2 Large crochet charts are included. Measurements of my shawl : 148 cm/58,25 in wingspan and 36 cm/14,25 in deep. The size of the shawl is very easy adjustable. Sample made with : Yarn : Lang Yarns Bloom, 70 % cotton & 18 % viscose & 12 % linen, 150g/450m, Shade 1010.0053 : 1 ball Crochet hook : 4 mm. Tested and edited.
  • Coral Reef Shawl is a large asymmetrical triangular shawl worked sideways. 1 Gradient yarn cake (800 m ) is used to work the body of the shawl and the textured border is made using a 2nd yarn cake. Measurements of the finished shawl : wingspan 235 cm / 92,50 in. (straight side : 125 cm / 49,25 in). The shawl body is worked in different sections, from the pointy tail upwards to the wider upper part. The border is full of texture, thanks to the combination of post stiches and popcorns. The pattern is fully written in English (both UK and US terms) and in Dutch. Large crochet charts are included, as well as a schematic. The size of the shawl can be very easily adjusted, by making more or less pattern row repeat of each of the different pattern sections. Yarn : Rico Design Creative Wool Degrade, 70 % acrylic & 30 % wool, 200g/800m/875yd. Yarn A : 7 Pink-Ecru: 1 ball Yarn B : 14 Turquoise: 1 ball This pattern has been tested and tech edited.
  • Cornucopia means ‘horn of plenty’ ! A truly abundant and rich design, created by the combination of lots of openworked flower motifs and the stunning colourful Noro Taiyo yarn. Started from the bottom ‘point’, the shawl is worked upwards, in a crescent way. The size of the shawl is very easy adjustable, by adding more pattern row repeats. Fully written pattern in English (UK and US crochet terms).Included as well : large crochet charts, schematic and pictures. Yarn : You can make this shawl with any kind of yarn (weight). I recommend 700-800m of yarn for a royal size shawl. (if you prefer making a larger shawl, you will need more yarn). Sample made with : Noro Taiyo, 50 % cotton & 17 % wool & 17 % polyamid & 16 % silk, 50g/210m/230yd,shade 87 : 4 balls. My shawl has a wingspan of 186 cm/73.25in. Crochet hook : 4 mm, or the hook size corresponding your yarn Skill level : intermediate
  • Crochet pattern for a triangular shawl with a lovely structured stitch pattern and a large border with shells and post stitches. Fully written pattern (in US and UK crochet terms), mutliple charts added, as well as a schematic. Measurements of my shawl : 170cm/67in wingspan. The size of the shawl is very easy adjustable. Yarn : Durable Cosy Fine, 58 % cotton & 42 % acrylic, 50g/105m/115yd, 9 balls Crochet hook : 4 mm Skill level : intermediate You can also order complete kits (with yarn + pattern or just the yarn) at Caro's Atelier, they ship worldwide : Cosy Texture Shaw Kit
  • I wanted to make a red shawl for such a long time already. Wearing red makes me feel great, strong and powerful. With a bit of diva-allures and sensuality ! I searched for ‘the right kind of red’ for quite some time. Finding that remarquable shade of ‘divine diva red’ was a goal for me, I just needed the perfect shade ! This handdyed Dutch Wool Diva Sock Twist in came along on my facebook timeline, and I did not hesitate for 1 second and ‘grabbed’ 3 skeins. The result is this Diamond Diva Shawl. Red geometric motifs, joined together, forming the perfect sized triangular shawl. During the joining and the finishing of the shawl, you will notice the delicate sensual movement appearing, giving the strong geometric forms a bit of ‘tender movement’, like they are dancing and finding the perfect rhythm. Fully written pattern, in English (US terms) and Dutch. Several charts added, and schematics as well. Tested as well. Enjoy ! Yarn : handdyed Dutch Wool Diva Sock Twist , 1 skein = 100g = 425m. I needed 3 FULL skeins, so please check your gauge ! (if you know you crochet rather loosely, keep in mind you might need a bit more yarn).
  • Strong, powerful, bright and happy ! These are the keywords for this shawl design. This shawl is super easy to adjust to your own wishes : you choose whatever yarn you like, and you can choose your own preferred size by simply making more or less pattern row repeats. The stitch pattern is very easy to memorize, therefor making this shawl will be a very joyful and relaxing project. Fully written pattern, US crochet terms are being used, and 2 charts are included as well. Yarn : you can choose any yarn you like, but I recommend at least 600m for a royal sized shawl. Sample shawls are made with : Lang Yarns Viva, 900m yarn, the shawl measures 210cm/83in wingspan Louisa Harding Noema, 700m yarn, the shawl measures 190cm/75in wingspan Crochet hook : choose a hook size according to your yarn. (I used hook 5mm for the Viva Shawl and hook 4 mm for the Noema Shawl) Skill level : all levels, also suitable for beginners Foto copyright : Annelies Baes - Vicarno, except the pictures with the model : Mavric Photography for Inside Crochet.

    Want to buy the yarn or a kit ?

    Caro's Atelier is selling kits (yarn + pattern), she ships worldwide. You can find the kits here : Caro's Atelier is selling Lang Yarns Viva, and she ships worldwide. You can find the yarn here :  LANG VIVA
  • Crochet pattern for a Flower Mosaic Shawl. The shawl is made of little colourful flowers, that are joined as you go. (no sewing or seaming needed). The size is very easy adjustable. Fully written pattern (US crochet terms), and charts added as well. Yarn : Scheepjes Cotton 8, 1500-1600 meters of yarn needed. Crochet hook : 3 mm Skill level : also suitable for beginners
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